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Please note: Orders after 6pm Monday-Friday & Weekends must be called in!

Terms and Conditions  

Customer acknowledges that customer's ordering Star services through the Internet is being transmitted electronically by means beyond the control of Star. Therefore, Star cannot be responsible in the event of non-receipt of customer's order through electronic means. Customer may contact Star by telephone at  903-533-1600

Customer requesting Star Delivery Service, Inc. ("STAR") to pick up and/or deliver any package or item agrees to indemnify and hold STAR harmless of and from all claims which may be asserted by any third party recipient, sender, or beneficiary of the subject package, including attorney's fees and costs. For purposes hereof, the term "customer" is the person or account to which the subject delivery charge is or will be billed or charged.

STAR makes no warranties, express or implied, which in any way concern the transaction.

STAR shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from ordinary or gross negligence, breach of contract, or "Act Of God", or for any other reason resulting in delay or failure to deliver a package or item within the requested time, other than for the amount paid for the delivery charge.

STAR shall not be responsible for breakage of goods not properly packed or wrapped.

This constitutes the entire contract between the parties, and no agent, servant, or representative of STAR has authority to alter, modify, or waive any provisions of this contract, and the customer agrees to pay the fee normally charged by STAR for the same or similar services, unless otherwise stated.

Customer agrees to pay for the charges incurred for the services rendered by STAR upon receipt of the invoice for such services. Charges not paid within thirty (30) days shall carry interest at the rate of eighteen percent (1.5%) per month.

Please note: Orders after 6pm Monday-Friday & Weekends must be called in!  
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